LAUNCH "Nuova Fiat 500" Torino 4th of July 2007

Last Wednesday 4th of July, the new Fiat 500 was officialy launched in the city center of Torino (Italy).  Fiat started creating a hype preparing the launch of the new Fiat 500, already over one year ago with the "500 wants you"  website http://www.fiat500.com/eng/ .  The launch party brought over 100.000 enthousiasts together in the Torino city center, where one could enjoy 500 x 500 old aircooled Fiat 500 (from the first "Nuova 500 C - 1957 until the last built 500 R - 1972).  The budget Fiat spent for the launch party amounts up to 12 Million Euro !!!







Already 25.000 new Fiat 500 were ordered even before the launch, and already 10.000 have been produced in Tychy / Poland.  The cost of a new Fiat 500 will vary from 10.500 till 14.500 Euro; available motorisations are 1200 cc(69 HP) - 1400 cc (100 HP) and 1300 cc diesel (75 HP). Fiat plans a production of 120.000 cars from now until 2008 and 3,5 Million until 2010.

"La nuova Fiat appartiene a tutti noi !"

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